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Why work with us

Ambitious CoLiving offers agencies flexible short term housing while providing your talent with highly vetted and supportive peer network.   

Stays from month-to-month, week-to-week or even day-to-day. 

Many model agencies do not want to take on the risk and responsibility of managing a whole unit. We offer the opportunity to place your clients with a trusted name in agency housing. 

On a case by case basis, Ambitious CoLiving even offer scholarships for selected talent at reduced or even free rates.

Email us to inquire if your client would be a candidate. 

Trusted Brand

Ambitious CoLiving has been providing collective housing since 2012 in NYC and helped 600+ artists move to major markets.

Last Minute Availability

Ambitious CoLiving provides last-minute bookings for a couple of days if your agency apartment is full.

Key Locations

Since our properties are centrally located in Hollywood and West Hollywood, transportation to castings and work is most convenient to a creative professional.

Curated Roommates

Ambitious CoLiving vets all applicants and places talent with roommates we feel strongly they will get along best with. We consider factors like which agency, what hometown talent is from and what is their work schedule like.

Property Management  & Maintenance

We have a world-class property services team that operates and maintains our properties to the highest standard. We alleviate the minutiae of having to deal with linens, repairs, and housekeeping. 

No lease 

Enjoy the ease of no lease or short term lease. Quite often we are unsure how long talent will be in town.


The flexibility of renting a whole unit for your agency or just a room or even just a bed. 

Collaborative Environment

Your talent will be living with other talents they can collaborate and build followings with. 

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