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What is CoLiving?

Co-living is a modern form of communal housing. Residents share living areas and share similar interests, professions or values. An old concept made trendy again by millennials who value things like social networking, openness, collaboration, and the sharing economy. At Ambitious CoLiving, our homes provide private furnished bedrooms and shared rooms within beautiful shared apartments in Los Angeles. Members at Ambitious CoLiving have the option to have their own furnished bedrooms or shared with 1 or 2 others. We want to provide the best deals available in Los Angeles. One more thing, all our member plans offer an all-inclusive rate that covers your rent, utilities, and more.

What do I get when I become a member at Ambitious CoLiving?

Your membership at Ambitious means that for one all-inclusive rate, you get: a private furnished bedroom or shared bedroom in a modern fully furnished shared apartment, regular housekeeping, laundry on-site, utilities included, household essentials like cookware, silverware, tableware and cleaning supplies for you and your roommates, WiFi, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, co-working space access, video production studio access, and of course, access to a series of curated events and creative community just outside your door to enlighten your creative side.

What is the membership application process like?

The Ambitious CoLiving Membership application process can be completed entirely online. After submitting your application you will be moved to the waitlist. A community manager will be in touch to schedule a final video chat or in-person interview. If you need to quickly book a room and do not have time to wait for the application process do not fear. The rooms section of our site gives you pricing for daily and weekly stays for non-members.

What are the move-in costs?

Move-in costs vary from where you are traveling from. Members are encouraged to pack light with no more than two pieces of luggage. Members are asked for a minimum $250 deposit.* * Deposits scale higher if you are renting a single room. In some rare instances, we will consider waiving a deposit for a member.

What do you look for in applicants?

We look for our members with a high potential to succeed. The more successful our community is the stronger our company becomes. That's why it is important that our members also have a willingness to help each other. This pay it forward, positive mentality creates a support system which is critical when you are away from home.

What are the house rules in each location?

Avail upon acceptance and request.

How are members complaints handled?

We value all our members and understand the difficulties that can arise while living with roommates. Our community managers will be gladly able to help any discrepancies that may occur. If you ever encounter any issues, please reach us out via email at We truly value your feedback.

What is the initial process of the membership application?

Please submit an application through the following link: Once you received a confirmation email from our team, please proceed to do the following steps: Step 1: Click on the Log In icon (Home page top left corner) and sign up. You are able to sign up with your Google/Facebook account or another email. Step 2: Our community manager will grant you access to view our membership plans & prices and schedule a final video chat or in person interview. If you have any questions, please send us an email at Step 3: Schedule a tour. Meet and greet with other members of the selected property. Step 4: Receive a welcome package. Step 5: Move-in!

How do you vet applicants?

Ambitious CoLiving provides a thorough vetting process for all applicants. This ranges from background checks to requiring references from 1-2 past members. Ambitious also requires meeting all applicants in person or for an interview or video chat. We will only accept a member if we believe they are a positive influence on our community professionally.

Is smoking allowed in your locations?

No smoking allowed inside the apartments.

Will Ambitious CoLiving Staff have access to the apartments?

Community managers will let every household member know 24 hours in advance if they need access for the following reasons: - Show apartment to a potential new member - Maintenance issues - Meetings with members - Weekly cleaning access

Are pets allowed?

We are pet friendly. Allanna is our community queen. If you are interested in getting to know her more, follow her on Instagram. She is quite a diva and we allow it! We will only allow pets if everyone in the household agrees on it.

What is Ambitious CoLiving monthly membership fee?

We offer (4) membership plans ranging from 850-1400 a month. To view membership plans & pricing, please submit an application at

Are utilities included in the monthly membership fee?

Yes! Stop worrying about who pays for what bills. We've got you covered for electricity, gas, and WiFi.

What types of maintenance does Ambitious CoLiving cover?

We provide regular cleaning and cover maintenance issues like: - Appliances repairs
- Paint
- Plumbing Anything related to maintenance issues that can occur in our community properties although all our properties are in great condition.

What does Ambitious CoLiving provides as a service?

Made by creatives for creatives. We emphasize collaboration. We provide our members with invaluable booking opportunities and special event access ranging from music festivals, photoshoots, experiential trips, influencers gigs, red carpet events, commercial bookings, and much more! Our core businesses are creating content, communal housing, concierge, agency placement, brand management, freelance job opportunities, and experiential trips for members. Check out our media company at

Do all locations have the same features?

Ambitious CoLiving truly believes in providing affordable housing for creatives in Los Angeles. We wanted to provide options that will fit any budget. We get it, being a creative is hard, we are working on making the living part easy. That is why we provide some locations more affordable than others. All locations cover our essentials amenities: a private furnished bedroom or shared bedroom in a modern fully furnished shared apartment, regular housekeeping, laundry on-site, utilities included, household essentials like cookware, silverware, tableware and cleaning supplies for you and your roommates, WiFi, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, coworking space access, video production studio access, and of course, access to a series of curated events.

Does Ambitious CoLiving accepts all types of credit cards and debit cards?

Credit or debit card payments can be made from a Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club or Discover branded card from any country. American Express, gift cards, or prepaid cards are not accepted.

Can I pay with PayPal?


Do you accept wire transfers?


How do I set up recurring payments?

Once you are approved as a member and selected a member plan, you will be able to set up recurring payments through your member's page. If you have any troubles, please contact us via email at

How many bathrooms per apartment?

All our homes have minimum of 2 bathrooms.

Will Ambitious CoLiving pay for my flight to Los Angeles?

In some cases Ambitious will advance the flight cost. Minimum stay of 3 months.

What am I allowed to bring?

Members are encouraged to pack efficiently. NO more than two suitcases of belongings. Anything additional must be placed in storage to prevent clutter and discomfort for others sharing the space.

What is Ambiance?

Ambiance was the former company name of Ambitious CoLiving.

Will Ambitious help with agency placement?

For some new faces without representation, Ambitious CoLiving can offer agency placement.

Do you provide parking?

Parking is provided in most of our locations. Permitted parking will be an additional cost.

Do you provide short term rentals?

Yes, we provide short term rentals for non-members at some of our locations. If you are in Los Angeles for less than a month, please check our availability.

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